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FE Success played an integral part to help me tackle the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Mechanical exam. The website includes an extensive database of questions along with video explainers for brushing off your engineering basics from school. I received immediate support and guidance to any problems, questions or concepts that I was stuck with, over an email, phone call or over video. I recommend it to anybody taking the FE exam as it played a vital part while studying for my test. 

- Sabrish M.


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Solved Example-FFA-20

A nice collection of solved examples, beautifully typeset in Latex, with appropriate diagrams. Complete solutions are provided with equations rendered using MathJax library for easy understanding.


Solution: \[N = 900 \cos \theta + 750 \sin \theta = 900 \cos 30^\circ + 750 \sin 30^\circ = 1154.42\ N\] \[F_{\mathrm{max}} + 900 \sin 30^\circ = 750 \cos 30^\circ\] \[\mu N = 199.52\] \[\mu = \dfrac{199.52}{1154.42} = 0.17\] Ans: A

Yes..... We have video explanations too...